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The Ministry of Finance of the FGS is committed to improve Somalia’s PEFA performance, Budget Transparency (OBI) and to accelerate the reforms around information sharing mechanisms and public access to fiscal information. The MoF is engaged with the PEFA Secretariat and is planning the first PEFA assessment in Somalia. The first step was PEFA orientation training for MoF and FGS/FMS counterparts.

The PEFA Secretariat participated in the workshop on Somalia's PFM Reform Credibility, organized by the EU Budget Support Technical Assistance. The workshop was held on August 4, 2021, for key MoF and other FGS/FMS stakeholders, and was focused on: PEFA Orientation, Open Budgets, and PFM Assessments (FGS/FMS), by building knowledge and background to PFM reforms. The seminar was opened by Mr. Saleiman Sheikh Umar, Director General of the Ministry of Finance of Federal Government of Somalia, who has welcomed participants from the federal and member states governments. The objective of the workshop was to: Ensure the relevant FGS and FMS stakeholders have a clear understanding of the PEFA framework and Open Budget methodology; Orient FGS/FMS counterparts regarding the PEFA assessment process and preparation for 2022 PEFA; Provide a forum for MoF/FGS to discuss PEFA, OBI, and how to improve the scores, linking PFMRAP 2024. The opportunity of conducting the first PEFA assessment in the country was discussed.

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