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Directorate General of Revenue: The mandate of the office of the Directorate General of Revenue is to contribute to the achievement of Somalia’s revenue objectives by maximizing revenue collection at minimum cost and providing quality input to tax and customs policy development, while providing a high quality, courteous and equitable services to taxpayers and other stakeholders. The main responsibilities of the office includes guiding and directing the directors of the departments of Inland Revenue and Customs, consolidation and combination of their activities as well as providing the annual work plan for the departments to grow the national domestic revenue base. 

Customs Department: The Customs Department is responsible for the collection of Import Duty, Import Sales Tax, Export Duty, Import Excise and other taxes. The Customs Department also ensures the protection of revenue by preventing smuggling. This is done by physically patrolling the borders and other strategic points, examination of goods, and search of premises, as well as inspecting documents relating to the goods. In addition to these functions, Customs enforces laws on import and export restrictions and prohibitions.

Inland Revenue Department: The department is charged with domestic tax administration.  As a department of the Revenue Directorate, it is very strategic in the achievement of national goals. It is headed by the Director of Inland Revenue who is responsible for the day to day running of the division subject to the direction of the Director General of Revenue. The Inland Revenue Department was formed in order to create a one-stop, efficient and customer-oriented tax office. The basic objective is to increase and coordinate control over the taxpayers and improve the compliance and revenue yield to the Government.