Data & reports

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What is here?
This page contains data and reports that you can download.

Analysts can click the links and download excel files with data.

The narrative reports are also found on this page.

Machines can use the code provided and automatically download new info every month. We provide code-samples in Node.js and Python.
The datasets hold all information necesarry to analyze:
- the approved budget (enacted) and any suplementaries,
- in-year and mid-year information (the files are updated monthly).
The updates also hold information on actual expenditure and revenues.

This is all consolidated in the same files.

The information is updated monthly. A dated schedule of updates can be found at the bottom of this page.
Data for human analysts
There are two types of files here:

1. The links on the right will download an excel file in tabularized format of both revenue and expenditure, with budget, supplementaries and actuals, that can easilly be deployed for analysis. The file for most recent year holds all data up until the most recent month that is available.

The most recent year file is updated monthly.

2. The "index" link will download an table with links to other files that hold data for all years since 2013. There are download links there for both tab-delimited, for CSV, and for excel files for each year in that table.

Data for machines
This provides an endpoint for accessing all files. The API endpoint is public and does not require any authorization. The endpoint address is fixed and can be programmed into using regular "fetch" or "get" calls in most languages. This gives access to all available years back-data including the most recent month.

The endpoint will return a lineraized array, with information on how to access further datatypes. This return can be used to build compiled consolidated arrays of multiyear content of the tables that are published.
Code snippet are prepared for Node.js and Python, two languages with significant use for quant analysis.

These code samples will generate a compiled dataset for all years available.

For Javascript, this will return a JSON array of objects, while for Python it will return a Panda dataframe. You can also use the Python script in a Jupyter notebook.

You can also access the information in other languages using your own code.
#Python script
#This will load all data as a Pandas dataframe
#courtesy of
#MIT license
import pandas as pd
ep = endpoint //get endpoint from the tab
#reads the index api
tableType = 'dbSomaliaFgsRevExp' #customize this to the type of table required 
#reads the indexfile
idx = pd.read_csv(ep,sep='\t', header=0)
url_list =[]
for index, rows in idx.iterrows():
    if rows.standardName == tableType: #change for alternative conditions
        my_list =rows.tsv
#loads all
dfs = [pd.read_csv(url,sep='\t', header=0) for url in url_list]
df = pd.concat(dfs, ignore_index=True)
#Do analysis with the compiled datatable here
Technical data information
These datasets are presented in tabular formats suitable for analysis. They originate from the government accounting system, but are transformed to make them suitable for analysis.

The data are presented for informational purposes only and does not replace official fiscal reporting.
These datasets have additional economic codes consistent with GFS 2014 to fascilitate comparisons.

Read more technical information about the datatables in the tabs below.
The following tables are available here:

(1) FGS Budget, Expenditure and Revenue. The table is called 'dbSomaliaFgsRevExp'

(2) Consolidated expenditure and revenue across all Federal Member States (forthcoming)
About the tables:

(1) 'dbSomaliaFgsRevExp' this table holds all information to analyze budget, expenditure or revenue for FGS. It is available with monthly increments since 2014. It is distributed as an annual package. The latest year available will hold data for most recent month.
Analytical reports

Analysis of Revenue and Expenditure.

We have years of analysis here. Updated every month.

View the studies here from the links to the right:


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