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The responsibilities of the Accountant General

  1. To manage the accounts of the National Budget and control the accounts of each Public Body;
  2. To release money from the National Consolidated Fund once the Federal Parliament has approved the National Budget.
  3. To issue instructions on a commitment control system and oversee control, recording, and reporting of commitments of Public Bodies;
  4. To supervise, inspect, and access all offices of Public Bodies where public money and Federal Government Property are held, administered or maintained;
  5. To produce cash forecasts of the National Consolidated Fund;
  6. To chair the Treasury Management Committee and report to the Minister;
  7. To prepare accounts of the National Consolidated Fund and compile consolidated accounts; consolidated accounts;
  8. To determine the Chart of Accounts and the accounting standards for all Public Bodies and Sub-National Governments;
  9. To supervise and ensure the correctness of the receipts and payments of public money, the management of cash and stores, the handling of public money, securities, stamps and other Federal Government Property; and
  10. To exercise any other duty that may be attributed to him or her by law or regulation.
  11. Preparation of consolidated financial statement Federal Government of Somalia
  12. Development and ensuring compliance to accounting policies and procedures for budget agencies 
  13. Support implementation of accounting systems, Chart of Accounts and render technical support to budget agencies  
  14. Building capacity of Budget Agencies on accounting and reporting
  15. Monitor reporting compliance of Budget Agencies according to regularity laid out on financial regulations; and
  16. Review reports and provide feedback to Budget Agencies