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Customs Unit responsible for:
Review and update of the existing legislation governing revenue collections from entry and exit points in the country;
Introduction and application of VAT on imported and exported goods and services;
Enforcement of Customs legislation and other relevant laws;
Processing of documents for the importation and exportation of goods.
Collection of import and export duties (Customs Revenue)
Accounting for customs revenue.
Facilitation of tax refunds.
Enforcement of import and export prohibitions and restrictions in accordance with the laws.
Encourage compliance by facilitating the clearance of legitimate imports and exports at Ports, Airport, Warehouses, Parcel Post, Courier Services and Sufferance Wharves.
Facilitation of entry and departure of ships and Air-crafts to and from Ports, Airports and Marinas.
Facilitation of bonds and deposits relative to imports and exports, including private warehouses and in-bond facilities.
Facilitation of concessions.
Seizure of drugs and contraband items.
Processing of air and sea passengers and their baggage.
Facilitation of stakeholders outside of official working hours.
Complaints resolution/Customer Care