Shaqada iyo Awoodaha X.X.Guud

Shaqada iyo Awoodaha X.X.Guud

The Office of the Accountant General is responsible for initiating, formulating, and coordinating of policy for management of public funds, assets, and debt. It provides guidelines and procedures to public institutions for management of public funds.

The main responsibilities of the department include:

  1. To ensure that a proper system of accounts is established and maintained in every department of the Federal Government.
  2. Exercising supervision over public revenue and expenditure.

The functions of the Office of the Accountant General are as follow:

  • Production of timely, accurate and reliable financial management information that meets professional standards and conforms to internationally accepted best practices
  • Overseeing and implementation of the Public Financial Management System (PFMS)
  • Providing the overall framework for control of public resources and expenditure
  • Ensuring that Accounting Officers observe the Financial Regulations
  • Setting standards for professionalism for sector-wide Government accountants
  • Maintaining a register of public debt
  • Management of fiscal data for Government Departments and Agencies
  • Financial transaction processing and reporting