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The IMF welcomes the authorities’ commitment to reforms in Somalia

The authorities have taken corrective measures to prevent recurrence of domestic arrears An International Monetary Fund (IMF) team led by Mohamad Elhage visited Nairobi from...

SFF-LD has held its second Steering Committee on the 19th of November

Press release sc on the 19th of november 2016-(1-2)

Summery notes on the problem-­‐solving workshop on NSRC

The Ministry of Finance organized two-­‐days financial procedures workshop for the 12 pilot MDAs with the goal of fast tracking payment process of non-­‐salary...

Minister of Finance launched new project to reform a payroll system of the SNA

The Federal Government of Somalia launched today a series of initiatives to ensure that the Somali National Army troops are paid in a consistent...

Conference by Ministry of Finance and Regional Government Adjourns in Nairobi

Nairobi, 21, July, 2016- A delegation from the Federal Government of Somalia have today concluded a workshop on regional fiscal relations in Nairobi, Kenya....